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Top 10 Console & Sofa Tables

For whatever room you'll put it in, we have the console for you!

  • Convenience Concepts $144.95
    Choose a table with classic styling for a piece that will fit with your decor for years to come.

  • Hooker Furniture $651.00
    When the back of a sofa is visible, a sofa table is an attractive way to add interest. 

  • Magnussen Furniture $409.99
    For small spaces, pick a console table that offers lots of storage—drawers and shelves with room for baskets are ideal.

  • Monarch Specialties Inc. $144.95
    This contemporary wood and glass console won't take up visual weight in a small space.

  • International Concepts $99.99 (prices vary)
    Create a unique look by staining or painting this unfinished table to perfectly match your décor.

  • Keep your entryway in tip-top shape with these must-have picks and tricks.
    Often found behind the sofa or at the end of a hallway, we explore more places you can put this versatile table to work.

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