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Top 10 Coffee Tables

Set a drink down, stack books, or put up your feet--we've got your coffee table at a great price!

  • Wildon Home ® $144.99 (prices vary)
    Who doesn't love more storage? This wooden trunk has handles and opens to hold games, throws, or toys.

  • Logan Coffee Table Wildon Home ® $269.95
    Glass-top coffee tables add an airy balance to rooms with heavy upholstery. The curved base adds a subtle feminine element.  

  • Wholesale Interiors From $282.99 (prices vary)
    An update on the modern "waterfall" table, this acrylic version can also be used outdoors. And the side slots hold magazines! 

  • Magnussen Furniture $299.99
    We can't believe that fine traditional details you get for this price: cherry veneers, flared legs, and a diamond-patterned top.

  • Convenience Concepts $114.99
    This clean line, modern coffee table features removable trays that come in three dynamic colors.

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