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Top 10 Coffee Table Sets

From customer favorites to bestsellers, find an option that meets your style needs!

  • TMS $159.99
    The Glass top on this set keeps your space feeling open and airy. Use the bottom shelf to display books and decorative items. 

  • Wildon Home ® $306.99
    Our No. 1 bestselling set features an X-frame that adds subtle character to this simple and contemporary style. 

  • Wildon Home ® $609.95
    All of these tables (two end tables and one coffee table) offer hidden storage space to keep extras out of sight, like pillows, blankets, and accessories.  

  • Altra Furniture $77.99
    ​Ideal for small space living, this set will effortlessly coordinate with existing pieces. 

  • Set a drink down, stack books, or put up your feet--we've got your coffee table at a great price!​
    We break down the important features and common shapes of coffee tables.

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