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Top 10 Accent Chairs

Decorate your space with one of our must-have picks.

  • Emerald Home Furnishings $269.99
    A customer favorite, this button back chair in a bright hue adds a sophisticated, yet playful look. It's also available in yellow and red.​

  • Madison Park $199.99
    A watercolor print gives this slipper chair undeniable character. Pair it with a neutral sofa and it will really pop!   

  • Kartell $450.00
    This iconic chair is one of our bestsellers, and for a good reason! Invest in this timeless pick that comes in seven pretty hues.

  • TOV Furniture $323.99 (prices vary)
    Mid-century modern is all the rage. Ease your way into the popular style with this neutral chair.

  • Stein World $249.99
    For an elegant look, use this traditional chair in your dining room or living room as a side chair. 

  • Get an elegant, vintage style chair that fits your budget.
    From family-friendly to apartment-sized and everything in between, our editors pick their favorite sofas.

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