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Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Make your yard the highlight of the neighborhood this holiday season.

  • holiday outdoor decor
    Imports Decor $42.99
    Select a stylish winter-themed doormat like this to extend its use beyond the holidays.​

  • Queens of Christmas $37.95 (prices vary)
    Look for lights that explicitly state additional strings may be connected and follow the guidelines to ensure safety.​

  • Wintergreen Lighting From $73.95 (prices vary)
    Net light wires will be visible during the day, so be sure to bury the wires at least 1-inch into any foliage.​

  • Ulta-Lit $46.99
    Avoid the frustration of replacing burned-out lights with a repair kit made especially for LED bulbs.

  • Nearly Natural $119.99
    Front doorways and porches often require taller decorations to balance out the architecture of the home.  ​

  • Stanley Electrical $28.99
    Save money by investing in a few outdoor light timers that can be automatically set for multiple times.

  • Check out these essentials and simple tips before you begin hanging your Christmas lights.
    Decorate your front door with these clever ideas, tips, and editors' picks.

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