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Our Favorite Halloween Decorations

These budget-friendly picks will add a seasonal (and spooky) touch to any space, inside and out!

  • Heritage Lace $13.99
    Featuring bat and spider web motifs, this best selling mantel scarf comes at an unbeatable price!   

  • Sin In Linen $12.72
    These black cotton potholders are handy for baking yummy halloween treats! 

  • Kelly Hughes Designs $53.70
    Get the youngest of the bunch in the holiday spirit with this customizable set, which includes a plate, bowl, and reversible placemat.

  • Union Products From $44.99
    Place seasonal blooms (mums, goldenrod, aster, sedum) in these witch-inspired planters. 

  • Room Mates $30.99
    This friendly glow-in-the-dark skeleton wall sticker is ideal for decorating kids' spaces.

  • Queens of Christmas $26.95
    For a festive (and not-so-scary) touch, string these cute pumpkin lights around a doorway, over a shrub, or along a wall.   

  • Oddity Inc. $54.95
    A decorative wreath, like this one, will add seasonal charm all October long. 

  • Omniware $31.96
    After a long night of trick-or-treating, serve your little ghosts and mummies a delicious cup of hot chocolate or cider.

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