Special Nonexistent Furniture

Our Favorite Colorful Accents Under $40

Check out these 20 budget-friendly finds, from end tables and curtains to wall art and vases.

  • Infinity Instruments $39.57 (prices vary)
    This 1950s-style wall clock comes in seven colors, including this bright turquoise and three neutrals.

  • Global Views $17.50
    Place pretty blooms in this bright bud vase for a colorful summertime centerpiece.

  • Thomas Paul $25.55
    Sea life coasters in cheerful colors are sure to liven up any coffee or end table.

  • CLM From $36.90 (prices vary)
    Ideal for a door mat or kitchen rug in the 2-by-3-foot size, this multicolored rug is a steal. 

  • ORE Furniture $37.72 (prices vary)
    A perfect match for low to the ground modern furniture, this petite end table adds a punch of color.

  • Eclipse Curtains $22.99 (prices vary)
    Bold curtains instantly infuse a room with personality. These would be adorable in a kids' playroom or a vibrant breakfast nook.

  • Atlantic $36.30
    Hide video games, movies, books, and more in a set of these bold storage ottomans. 

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