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Open Shelving 3 Ways

Use floating shelves to create a stunning display that's organized, functional, and beautiful.

  • InPlace Floating Decorative Wood Shelf Lewis Hyman Inc. $26.99 (prices vary)
    Stacked dishware on shelves makes a cute display in the kitchen—plus the open shelving feels less bulky than cabinetry.  

  • InPlace Floating Decorative Wood Shelf Lewis Hyman Inc. $30.05
    Free up floor space and frame the TV by mounting floating shelves in the living room. Personalize the look with books and small vases.

  • Urban Trends $73.99 (prices vary)
    Bring a dose of vintage style to an arrangement of floating shelves with intricate, decorative brackets. 

  • Woodland Home Decor From $37.58 (prices vary)
    Fill up an empoty corner or area with a small vase or flower arrangement on a corner shelf. 

  • Check out one blogger's styling tips for making open shelving a chic storage solution.
    We take a look at six common shelf styles and set-ups.

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