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Must Haves to Organize Your Fridge

Make the most of your fridge space by creating a system for your leftovers and groceries.

  • 9 Piece Marinating Grilling Set Fresh Keeper $24.97
    Keep meats fresh while marinating with this kit. Place it on a lower shelf in the fridge to avoid any contamination of foods below.

  • Clever Lunch Container Zingz & Thingz $17.93
    Easily organize lunches ahead of time with these containers; then just grab and go in the morning.  

  • 1 Gallon Pitcher Arrow Plastic Mfg. Co. $21.99
    A rectangular pitcher offers a space-saving solution for liquid storage by fitting perfectly on most refrigerator doors.  

  • Chop Savor Food Container Prepara $24.07
    These collapsible containers offer the ideal solution when saving half of a fruit or vegetable.

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