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How to Store Your Christmas Decorations

Pack away the holidays and keep everything organized for next year with our holiday storage essentials.

  • General Supply Wrapping Paper United Facility Supply $25.86
    Use butcher paper to safely wrap your delicate ornaments and figurines without the mess of packing peanuts.​​

  • Tabletop Storage Stemware Chest Richards Homewares $27.59
    Pack away your Christmas tableware in a cushioned chest. You'll know they're secure, and a holiday color hints at what's inside. ​

  • Expansion Colored File Pocket, Straight Tab Smead Manufacturing Company $3.30
    Can't bear to toss meaningful cards or kids' artwork? Save your favorite pieces in an extra-deep folder and label by year.​

  • 9 oz Cold Plastic Drink Cups in Clear Dixie From $11.22 (prices vary)
    Most ornaments fit just perfectly in a little cup. Create a grid of cups in the bottom of a box and just drop them in! ​

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