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Get the Look: Aquatic Christmas

Decorate for the holidays with our must-have sea-themed accents, from seashells to starfish.

  • Eastern Accents $114.84
    ​Swap out the traditional red tree skirt for this beach-inspired one. It will anchor the look! 

  • Urban Florals $82.64
    Overflowing with urchins, starfish, and seashells, this golden wreath will add charm to your front door or above a mantel. 

  • Lazy Susan USA $31.80 (prices vary)
    Fill these vases with holiday florals, such as holly and berries or a single poinsettia. It's a subtle way to incorporate traditional elements.   

  • Thomas Paul $31.22
    Leave this octopus tray atop a coffee table for everyone to admire or use it to serve yummy treats, like sugar cookies. 

  • Distinctive Designs $114.63
    Hints of gold make any space feel more festive. Wrap this gold garland around a staircase or lay it on a table as a sparkling centerpiece. 

  • Kevin O'Brien Studio $124.00
    Mermaid motifs are everywhere in the home decor world. They add a whimsical, feminine touch to your space.  

  • In2Green $161.00
    If you're not cozying up by the fire with this cotton blanket, use it as your tree skirt. What a clever alternative!

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