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Essentials for an Outdoor Kids' Party

Enjoy the nice weather and host your next kids’ party outside! It's easy with our entertaining tips and product picks.

  • Round 14" Deep Aquarium Pool SunSplash $27.99
    Not just for swimming, let kids "fish" in a kiddie pool. Glue magnets to the back of plastic animals and to the end of a "fishing pole" created from dowels and string.

  • 4 Quart Plastic Bucket Ice Cream Maker Nostalgia Electrics $33.99
    Cool down with ice cream or popsicles! Look for healthy recipes, and you won't hesitate when they ask for seconds.

  • All Purpose First Aid Kit Johnson & Johnson $19.03
    Party games + little kids = bumps, bruises, and scrapes. For an outdoor party, keep a first aid kit handy and stock it with extra sunscreen.

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