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Childproofing Your Bathroom 8 Ways

Safety first! Keep your kids out of harm's way with our editors' picks.

  • Aquasense $21.95
    This mat comes with a built-in temperature indicator to ensure the water doesn't get too hot or too cold.​

  • simplehuman $27.13
    Bathroom trash is full of hazardous items, so find a place to hide it (like under a vanity) so it's not out in the open. 

  • Safety 1st $20.99
    Be sure kids can see where they're going in the bathroom at night with this eco-friendly night light that turns off in the daytime.

  • Sterilite From $107.88 (prices vary)
    To prevent electrocution, make sure to unplug all electronics. When not in use, store them out of arm's reach in a sealed container.  

  • Use an assortment of vivid colors for a playful look.
    Here are our favorite ideas for a kid-friendly bathroom. 

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