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Bookshelves for Every Room

Our editors match styles of bookcases (think cube, corner, or standard) to their ideal rooms in your home.

  • dining room
    Averi Etegere Safavieh $249.99
    The openness of etageres lets your beautiful serveware be seen from nearly every angle.

  • Design: Vanessa Deleon Associates
    A bookshelf with doors conceals important documents while keeping books at arm's reach. It also mimics the look of built-ins. Get all our best home office decorating ideas.

  • Tip!
    Nearly any bookcase will work in a living room, as long as it coordinates with your existing décor. Jazz up any shelf by learning How to Decorate a Whimsical Bookshelf.

  • Tip!
    Keep towels, storage jars, and toiletries readily available with an open leaning (or ladder) bookcase in your bathroom. Read our Ultimate Guide to Bathrooms for more tips.

  • Design: Style On a Shoestring
    Cube bookshelves provide flexibility for kid and teen spaces. Display books, toys, and mementos on the shelves, while controlling clutter with bins that slide right in.

  • Design: Kerrie Kelly Design Lab
    Your late night read won't be far away with a bookshelf built right into the headboard.

  • Tip!
    Use every last inch of floor space in a petite kitchen, hallway, or guestroom with a corner bookshelf.​ 

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