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Pantry Organization Ideas & Essentials

Beat kitchen clutter with these storage necessities.

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    Six Shelf Canrack Atlantic $32.99
    A pyramid of cans is an avalanche waiting to happen. An angled rack allows you to grab what you need without restacking.​

  • Original Single Dry Food Dispenser Zevro $25.58
    Eliminate almost-empty cereal boxes—and always know when you're running low—with a convenient dispenser. 

  • Combo Board Lorell From $27.99 (prices vary)
    Hang a message board on the inside of your pantry door to keep track of your grocery list, coupons, and clipped recipes.

  • Oval Steel Beverage Tub ACHLA From $43.95 (prices vary)
    If you buy in bulk, big tubs are ideal for storing stockpiles of bottled water or paper towels.

  • Square Planter Antique Revival $53.99 (prices vary)
    Opened plastic bags do little to contain potatoes, onions, or apples. Instead, a planter box becomes a clever fruit/veggie bin.

  • Sorter Eldon® $24.99
    Vertical storage is a 
    clutter buster! Use a file stand to organize your baking sheets 
    and cutting boards.

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