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5 Tips for Creating a Homework Station

Our editors share their top tricks and favorite picks for creating a homework space for students of all ages!

  • homework space
    15 Drawer Mobile Organizer ECR4kids $98.99 (prices vary)
    Use stickers, markers, and even chalkboard paint to label drawers. Or if you have a color-coordinated system, designate each child a color to maintain an organized space.

  • Tip!
    Place the homework station in a spot with good natural lighting. Ideally, you'll only rely on a table lamp when the kiddos are studying late into the night.

  • Tip!
    Keep shelves kid-height so they can grab books and supplies without mom or dad's help. Also, modular shelving allows for storing both books and organizational bins.

  • Best Day Ever! Cork Board Malden $16.60
    Let kids display A+ test scores, handmade art, and field trip pictures by hanging a cork board above their homework space.

  • Tip!
    When you're short on floor space, a wall-mounted magazine rack can hold notebooks, coloring books, and thin textbooks.​

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