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5 Ideas for Decorating with Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be used for more than just covering an entire wall. Try one of these ideas for your next home project.

  • Source: Houzz
    Cover a portion of a wall and frame it out with molding. This big-impact project is more budget- and time-friendly than wallpapering a whole wall.​

  • Photo: Gorgeous Shiny Things
    Here, the back wall has been covered in this fun closet-turned-home office. Powder rooms are great spaces for impactful wallpaper, too.

  • Photo: Angus Fergusson
    Cuttings of a favorite wallpaper are perfect for framing. Create beautiful art for your home by choosing a basic frame and mat.

  • Photo: Blue Eyed Yonder
    Cut wallpaper to easily line drawers or shelving for a cheery design delight.

  • Source: Howtowall.com
    Give a desk or chest of drawers a face-lift by adding strips of wallpaper to the front dresser panels or covering the piece entirely.

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