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33 Tips & Essentials for Summer Entertaining

From outdoor decorating to cooking, we make it easy to throw a party!

  • Cotton Blanket Premier Comfort From $22.99 (prices vary)
    Don't forget that summer nights can turn crisp. Stash a few lightweight blankets in a basket on your patio.

  • Ceramic Vase Woodland Imports $24.99
    Keep summer centerpieces simple. Even a single bloom from your garden looks special in a colorful vase.

  • Acacia Ice Bucket Woodard & Charles $67.99
    Fill a bucket three-quarters full with ice and top with cold water. Place wine bottle inside, and it will be ready in about 20 minutes.

  • Chelsea Beverage Server Artland $39.95
    Don't waste time mixing drinks to order. A beverage dispenser lets you make one big batch so guests can help themselves.

  • Appetizers on Ice with Lids Keeps Acrylic Tray Prodyne $31.95
    If you're serving outside, remember to keep cold food, especially seafood and dishes with mayo, chilled to a safe temperature.

  • 8.25' Market Umbrella International Caravan From $63.95 (prices vary)
    If you want to encourage outdoor relaxation, shade is a must. Position seating under umbrellas, awnings, and even trees.

  • Savannah Outdoor String Light String Light Company From $30.99
    Make sure to illuminate outdoor walkways for your guests, especially if you have stairs leading from your deck to the backyard.

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