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21 Tips & Picks for a Successful Yard Sale

Whether you’re planning a yard sale, moving sale, or garage sale, here’s what you need to make it a success!

  • Plastic Folding Training Table Flash Furniture $57.99
    Take styling tips from store displays and magazines. Set a scene, such as a table setting, so people can imagine using the items.

  • Letratag Plus Personal Label Maker Dymo Corporation $47.95
    Anticipate buyers' questions, and label items appropriately. For example, be sure to mark sizes and note if an item is like new, barely used, or well-worn. 

  • 3 Piece Pub Beverage Dispenser Set Style Setter $37.99
    Comfortable shoppers are sure to stay longer and (hopefully!) buy more. Reel them in with free lemonade or, at least, ice water.

  • Securit Select Spacious Size Cash Box PM Company $72.99
    Have a variety of change ready, especially for that early bird who shows up with a $50 bill. A good starting point is $80-$100 in small bills and coins.

  • Jumbo Basket Set Home Basics $34.35
    Place a "freebie" bin at the curb for items you want to get rid of, no matter what. Also consider a $1 bin of toys to keep kids occupied.

  • Universal Docking Speaker Areaware $42.26
    Some easy listening background music (not too loud) will give your sale a cheerful, relaxed feeling.

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