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20 Essentials for Grilling Season

Get fired up with these expert tips and product picks!

  • Non-Stick Hamburger Grilling Basket Charcoal Companion $27.99
    Use a basket to easily flip multiple items at once or to keep delicate/small items from falling between the grates.

  • Bisquettes Bradley Smoker From $20.99
    Infuse your food with smoky, wood-grilled flavors, such as hickory or mesquite.

  • Chimney Grill Starter Outset $29.45
    Avoid lighter fluid by using a chimney starter. Just stuff crumpled newspaper in the bottom, top with charcoal, and light.

  • Patio Cooler Oakland Living From $198.99 (prices vary)
    Beat the heat with a cold one. A cooler dedicated to the outdoors means you won't have to leave the grill unattended.

  • Stoneware Serving Platter Le Creuset From $39.95 (prices vary)
    Whether you're pulling steaks or a pile of hot dogs off the grill, have an oversized platter ready to transport them to the table. 

  • With so many choices out there, we help you by taking a look at the six most common types of grills and their defining features.
    From the campfire grill to the back porch dining table, we gathered recipes for every summertime occasion.

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