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18 Things Every Foodie Kitchen Needs

We've gathered all of the gadgets and must have tools for your fully outfitted kitchen.

  • Twin Signature 19 Piece Cutlery Block Set Zwilling JA Henckels $369.95
    Chefs pride themselves on their cutting skills. Invest in a set of good knives, plus a sharpener. Sharp knives decrease kitchen accidents.

  • 325 Watt Stand Mixer KitchenAid $349.99 (prices vary)
    A stand mixer is the best tool out there for consistent mixing. Plus you can buy attachments for this KitchenAid version that make pasta, juice fruit, and much more.

  • Enameled Cast Iron Round French Oven Le Creuset From $129.95 (prices vary)
    For a family of four, a 5 ½ quart Dutch oven is just right. But if you're doing lots of entertaining, try a 7 ¼ quart model.​

  • Gourmet Stock Pot with Lid Cuisinox $96.99 (prices vary)
    These babies come in all sizes, but the standard is 12 quarts. You can make anything from soup to corn on the cob in a stock pot.

  • Safe Hands Mandoline Jaccard $38.99
    Save your fingers and use a mandoline for grating veggies, slicing tomatoes, or shredding lettuce.

  • Salt/Pepper Grinder Set OXO $49.95
    Perfectly seasoned food is the mark of a great chef. With this salt and pepper grinder set, delicious food is just a twist away.

  • Professional Cordless Wine Opener Waring $55.37
    Whether the recipe calls for it or not, you’re going to want some wine while you cook. We like to call it “chef’s juice.”

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