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18 Picks for Hosting a Holiday Party

Make your holiday party a success with these entertaining essentials.

  • Sorrento 6" Square Bread and Butter Plate Signature Housewares $5.99
    If you're just serving appetizers or dessert, small plates are easier to carry and are the perfect size for little nibbles.​

  • Home Warms The Heart Mugs (Set of 2) Fitz and Floyd $19.98
    At dessert time, offer up holiday-themed mugs of hot cocoa or coffee. A hot toddy or hot buttered rum would be another festive option.​

  • Leather Coaster Set Preferred Nation $43.96
    Can you ever have too many coasters? Leave them on every possible surface and no one will have an excuse to leave a water ring behind.

  • Hoot's Decorated Tree Oval Platter Rachael Ray $27.99
    ​From serving drinks to displaying decorated cookies, an oversized tray is an investment that will be your go-to piece.

  • Heavy Duty Nut Cracker Cuisinox $54.95
    Freshly-cracked nuts may as well be the official snack of the holidays. Be sure to leave an empty bowl for the shells nearby.​

  • Javier and Efren Martini Glasses (Set of 6) Novica $74.99
    Barware can double as serveware. Offer guests soup "shooters" in shot glasses or parfaits in martini glasses.

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