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16 Must-Haves for a Kids' Playroom

We've got everything you need to make a fun, creative (and tidy) space for kids to play and learn.

  • Play and Learn Mat Alessco Inc. $64.95
    You'll want to ensure a soft landing place on wood or tile floors, but even a carpeted room benefits from extra cushioning.

  • Double Panel Easel Quartet® $90.99
    While there's no denying that kids love their electronics, expression through artwork is a fundamental element of childhood development. 

  • Sesame Street Toy Box Delta Children $51.57
    Look for toy boxes that offer child safe hinges to avoid pinched fingers. 

  • Nantucket Storage Bench KidKraft $126.99 (prices vary)
    Kids love anything that's just for them, so a storage cubbie with individual, dedicated bins can be helpful in containing clutter.

  • Francesca Lime/Blue Geometric Floral Area Rug Loloi Rugs From $77.95
    If your kids are a little older, opt for a bright area rug that is stain resistant, water repellant, or machine washable for easy care. 

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