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16 Essentials for Updating Your Garden

Start your annual preparations for a summer garden with our top product picks.

  • Garden Cart with Two Wheels Suncast $31.99
    Ideal for transporting plants, soil, mulch, or anything heavy without straining your muscles.

  • Yimby Tumbler Composter Forest City Models and Patterns $99.99
    Described as “nature’s way of composting," this process is a great way to add organic matter to your flower bed.

  • Large Garden Tote Picnic Time $27.99
    Start the season off right by investing in quality hand tools. Make sure to include a cultivator, weeder, and trowel.

  • 49 Gallon Rain Barrel with Fountain Kit Algreen $157.99
    Create an eco-friendly watering system by placing a water barrel under a downspout to collect water for your plants.

  • Athens Trellis New England Arbors $93.99
    Take advantage of the vertical space in your garden. Add dimension and variety with a trellis planted with fragrant vines or colorful climbing roses.  

  • Camelback Wood Garden Bench ACHLA From $229.99
    Take time to enjoy your hard work. Pick a place in your garden
    to sit and relax. 

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