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12 Ideas for Organizing Your Jewelry

From jewelry armoires to jewelry boxes, here are our best jewelry organizers!

  • Louis Philippe Jewelry Armoire Powell Furniture $188.99
    With drawers and cabinets to store all your treasures, a freestanding piece of furniture gives your jewelry the star treatment.

  • Elaine Sectioned Crystal Jewelry Box Mele & Co. $29.00
    When you're on the road, avoid a tangled mess of jewelry chains with a neatly compartmented travel case.

  • Muse Umbrella Plated Ring Holder Umbra $8.00
    Keep ring holders in your bathroom and kitchen so whenever you slip off your rings, they have a safe place to go. 

  • Store your jewelry and trinkets in style with our favorite boxes.
    Think outside the jewelry box and explore fun and practical display ideas!

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