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10 Simple Laundry Room Updates

From bright wallpaper to slimline hangers, our editors share their favorite laundry room makeover ideas.

  • laundry room
    Sun and Sky Stretched Wall Art Avalisa From $59.00 (prices vary)
    Just because you're working in the laundry room doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style—canvas wall art is both inexpensive and beautiful.

  • Flirty Floral Wallpaper Brewster Home Fashions From $3.95
    Wallpaper is a simple way to brighten up the whole room. Choose bold colors to energize the space or soft hues for a calming effect.

  • Tip!
    Functionality meets decor when you trade boxes and detergent containers for clear glass jars. Plus, you'll always know when you're running low on supplies. 

  • Tip!
    Organizers are a laundry room's best friend. This wall hanging version saves space by getting the ironing board and laundry necessities off the floor.

  • Velvet Touch Suit Hanger (50 Pack) Honey Can Do $52.53
    By using hangers in only one color and style throughout the house, your laundry room and closets will feel even more put-together.

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