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10 Essentials for Decorating a Bathroom Vanity

Create a relaxing and stylish vanity with these must-have picks.

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    Concert Framed Mirror Alpine Art and Mirror $69.99
    Consider a large wall mirror as the focal point of your bathroom. This one's simple frame provides a subtle statement. 

  • Flower Drum Garden Stool Three Posts $130.99
    Even though it's not on the vanity, a garden stool doubles as seating and an extra spot to set down a towel or book!

  • Edinburgh I 1 Light Wall Sconce with Glass Shade ET2 $136.00
    Install wall sconces with shades above or next to the vanity mirror. Two side sconces offer a more flattering light than pendant lights. 

  • Programma 8 Rectangular Tray Alessi From $80.00 (prices vary)
    Keep all of your essentials, like jewelry and perfume, organized with a decorative tray. See more about decorating with trays here

  • York Jar InterDesign $12.99
    Store cotton balls, makeup pads, and pretty wrapped bars of soap in clear canisters. Three or four in various sizes will add depth to the vanity top.  

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