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10 Editors' Picks For Hanukkah

Celebrate the holiday with our favorite picks, from a stylish menorah to a blue cake stand.

  • ACME Party Box Company $29.98
    We're starry-eyed for these dazzling lanterns. (It is the Festival of L​ights, after all!) For extra flair, hang a trio above the dining room table or kitchen island.   

  • KidKraft $27.99
    Teach your child about this special holiday with this colorful toy set of Chanukah must-haves: a menorah, a dreidel, gelt, and tiny latkes!

  • Sassafras $11.99
    Desserts deserve a little extra attention. Add some sparkle with these glitzy Star of David candles.  

  • Le Creuset $49.95
    Incorporate hints of traditional blue into your table setting. Serve guests sweet treats or appetizers on this classic Le Creuset cake stand. 

  • Bombay Heritage $29.45
    Set a beautiful holiday table with an assortment of blue and white plates—this stylish set will complement any holiday dessert confection.

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    Get blogger Amy Kritzer's best tips and recipes for a festive Hanukkah dinner.

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