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by Katie Rosenfeld

Katie was born and raised in Tampa Florida, where her large family still resides. She graduated from Boston College with degrees in Philosophy and Art History. Eventually, she realized her passion for art and design, developing and growing a residential art consulting service which grew into a full service interior design business. She believes your home should be a true reflection of you, and her goal is to help her clients and readers achieve a beautiful and personal space.

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  • Many of you may be familiar with Louis XV style furnishings; they have always been and continue to be popular, and they look great with many other styles to create an eclectic feel.

    Sometimes referred to as Rococo style these pieces are distinguished by light materials and gentle but graceful curves with a distinctly grand and French-court feel.

    Here are some examples that you may recognize:
  • The wonderful thing about injecting a bit of Rococo style into your space is that it instantly creates glamour, whimsy, and with its sweeping curves, a sense of movement, as long as you don't take it too seriously. There is a surprising amount of versatility in this style of furniture.

  • You can take it in a few directions! You can play with irony (my personal proclivity) and treat them with fun and crazy textiles. Or go organic and serene with unbleached linens in shades of cream, white, and flax to create a softer feel. Or go classic with velvet or mohair.

  • The trick to using these historical styles is to dress them down, not up. In other words, play off their fancy shapes with casual fabrics or unexpected finish colors. Use them to contrast modern or traditional furniture. 

  • I wouldn't suggest a room full of these styles, unless of course you're going for a Versailles look. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

  • - Katie 
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