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by Kate Van Geldern

Kate is the voice behind DomestiKatedLife, a lifestyle blog, where she writes about entertaining, recipes, decorating ideas, and DIY projects. When Kate is not busy photographing her next domestic endeavor, she is working in social media and living with her husband in the city of Boston.

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  • Hi again, readers! It's Kate from DomestiKated Life -- I'm back on My Way Home to recap how I celebrated 2013! Last week I rang in the new year at my annual New Year's Eve party. I love hosting this party every year because it's all about popping champagne, eating those last indulgent treats before we kick off our resolutions, and spending time with my closest friends.  I have a few entertaining lessons I've learned from throwing this party every year that I thought would be perfect to share as we kick off the new year:
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  • Set the tone of the party with your invites. I love sending paper invites for a party, mostly because I love receiving paper invites for a party. I created some simple invites that I printed off my computer onto a hot pink piece of cardstock, and to give them a festive feel, I sent them in little glassine bags filled with matching confetti (you can make your own with a circle punch and some scrap paper). If mailing invites isn't in the cards for you, try a service like paperlesspost.com for stylish online invites.
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    Think outside the box for centerpieces. When I was planning our party this year I was disappointed with flower selection at my local market -- everything that was out was reds and greens for Christmas. So instead of a big flower arrangement at the center of my table, I filled a vase with tall fringed party horns in bright colors. It was festive, colorful, and best of all: inexpensive!

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    Make a signature cocktail. I think a signature drink is such a special touch at a party -- and here's a little secret: it's a budget-savvy way to stock your bar. You can get away with buying a cheaper wine or champagne if you're mixing it with other flavors to create a sangria or punch. This year I came up with a drink called the Champagne Clementine Fizz. I mixed two bottles of champagne with one bottle of sparkling clementine soda and a few ounces of an elderflower liquor to taste. And then I added some frozen cranberries to keep the drink chilled and add a pop of color! Serve it up in a drink dispenser or punch bowl so guests can help themselves.

  • Get your place looking festive. Right after Christmas there are tons of decorations that go on sale that can be repurposed for other celebrations -- I stocked up on tinsel garland and used it to make a big sparkly '2013′ sign for the back of my bar. String Christmas lights up for some twinkly mood lighting, and put some leftover silver and gold ornaments into a footed bowl for some decorative accents.
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  • Did you throw a New Year's Eve party this year? I'd love to hear your ideas to keep in mind for my next  :)!

    - Kate
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