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  • Hi everyone! I'm Stefanie of Brooklyn Limestone, where I document my adventures in living in a 100 year-old home. I tackle everything from renovations, to DIY projects, to holidays in style. Few things thrill me more than throwing a party so I'm so excited to be sharing some of favorite tips for entertaining with all of you!

    Throwing a successful party can be a challenge, especially because in order for a party to be a true smash, you'll need to have fun at it as well. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details! I like to add a few special touches that guests will enjoy and remember long after the goodbyes. One of the easiest and most practical ideas is a DIY drink bar. It's not only fun, but practical since it will save you from having to double as mixologist for the night.

    For a small party, it's as simple as mixing up one signature cocktail to serve alongside other beverages. For extra whimsy, I made a few coordinating cocktail umbrellas using scrapbook paper and skewers.
  • Photo Credit: Brooklyn Limestone
  • For more variety, you can also set up a buffet of teas and punches that guests can help themselves to.
  • Photo Credit: Inspired By This
  • For a larger or more formal event, take it up a notch with something truly memorable. For brunch, try a mimosa bar with bowls of luscious, perfectly ripe fruit.
  • Photo Credit: On To Baby
  • If you've got a lot of people under 21 in attendance, surprise everyone with a milk and cookies bar. Kids will love it and adults will wax nostalgic.
  • Photo Credit: Simply So Good
  • Convinced your next party needs a drink station? Check out my favorite Wayfair items below that will make set up and display a breeze. Happy entertaining!

    - Stefanie
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