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  • Do you have a design question? Our editors have the answers! We've gathered our favorite decorating lessons both big and small, from how to decorate a nightstand to how to wisely spend your budget. Read along and learn clever solutions for every room in your home.
  • where to splurge and save

    Where to Splurge & Save on Home Decor

    Our editors tackle one of interior design's biggest questions: What do I splurge on?


  • how to mix patterns

    How to Mix Patterns in Home Decor

    Ever wonder how to combine patterns in your home? We run through the do's, don'ts, tips, and tricks to bring it home.


  • living room layouts

    Living Room Layouts

    The living room is often the most used room in your home; it's the gathering spot for conversations, entertaining, games, and more. To make it comfortable and inviting, determine the best layout for the space. We share three common layouts.


  • how to arrange accents

    How to Arrange Decorative Accents

    Blogger Jackie Hernandez shows you how to create eye-catching arrangements with your existing decor.


  • decorate a builder basic bathroom

    3 Ways to Decorate a Builder-Basic Bathroom

    Bring personality to a basic bathroom with accent decor and simple bath accessories.


  • Wayfair Guides

    How to Mix and Match Dining Chairs

    Learn how to combine different styles of chairs for an eclectic dining room look.


  • decorate with bold color

    5 Tips for Decorating with Bold Colors

    We share easy ways to infuse bright, bold colors into your home.


  • decorating living room begin

    How to Decorate Your Living Room: Where to Begin

    Our editors share three easy steps to jump start your next redecorating project.


  • bathroom vanity decorating

    10 Essentials for Decorating a Bathroom Vanity

    Style your vanity to create a relaxing and organized space with these must-have picks.


  • how to style nightstand

    How to Style a Nightstand

    Wake up every morning to a beautiful and functional bedside table with these useful tips.


  • kitchen makeover tips

    10 Kitchen Makeover Tips

    Whether you're doing a full renovation or just looking for a quick refresh, here are our favorite features for a new look.


  • dining room layout ideas

    Tips and Ideas for a Dining Room Layout

    Read our editors' best tips on creating a dining room that fits and functions comfortably in your space.


  • bedroom decorating tips

    How to Decorate Your Bedroom: Where to Begin

    Learn how jumpstart your bedroom makeover with these three simple steps from our editors.


  • decorating from inspiration photo

    Decorating from an Inspiration Photo

    Learn how to turn inspiration into reality with these simple ideas and tricks from blogger Jackie Hernandez.


  • decorating small living room

    5 Design Tips For a Small Living Room

    Create a welcoming space with these decorating tips and product picks.


  • how to choose drapes

    How to Choose Curtains and Drapes

    Decorating with window treatments can be an overwhelming process. But once you've found the right one, they can make a major impact and draw together an entire look. Our editors help you find the right curtains for your space.


  • how to decorate dresser

    5 Tips for Decorating a Dresser Top

    Check out our best design ideas for decorating a dresser.


  • how to choose color scheme

    How to Choose a Color Scheme

    Create the perfect color palette for your room or home.


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