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by Ashley Rose

Ashley Rose is the editor and founder of Sugar & Cloth, a blog filled with everything you need for DIY inspired living. You can see her work in places such as Oprah magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Uppercase, HGTV, Apartment Therapy, and was also named a Top 10 DIY blog by Better Homes & Gardens.

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  • Photo: Sugar and Cloth
  • The only thing better than summer is a good DIY project to go along with it, and as always, the simpler the better. These are four of my favorite must-try DIY projects to keep you lounging in style, entertaining with the best of them, and won't get your freshly manicured hands too dirty either.

    First up, keeping the sun out of your eyes with this polka dot DIY floppy hat (above) with just three supplies! Even Audrey Hepburn would be a little jealous, so go easy on your friends when they all want one.
  • Photos: Sugar and Cloth
  • Be the talk of the neighborhood pool party when you string these super clever DIY pool noodle garlands (above left). Better yet, you can keep the kids entertained by letting them help build the garlands for you! Just pre-cut the noodle slices and let them have at it.

    If all else fails add pom poms, right? This DIY summer pom pom throw (above right) is quick to make. It's perfect for nights on the beach, tossing in your bag for a quick road trip, or even for long flights. Mark my words, pom poms are the new polka dots! Nevermind the fact that they're practically just 3D polka dots...
  • Photo: Sugar and Cloth

    No party is complete without a fully stocked bar cart, at least not with my family anyways. This DIY cube shelf hack bar cart is the perfect mix of modern, retro, and budget-friendly. I can always get behind budget friendly, can't you?

    Tell me, what's your favorite summer DIY so far? Sharing is caring, and I always love to see what kinds of clever things people dream up!

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