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  • Whether you're rearranging furniture or trying something new, like decorating with bold prints and patterns, there are many ways to achieve a fresh look in your space. And it's easier than you'd think! Read on to discover how you can revamp your living room with these clever decorating tips and budget-friendly picks.

  • Refresh your living room

    Refresh Your Living Room Under $100

    Create a fresh look with these must-have picks, all on a budget! Our editors offer handy decorating tips and ideas.


  • Living room layouts

    Living Room Layouts

    Use this guide to help determine a practical layout for your living room. A solid and well-thought-out layout is the foundation of good décor, and our editors are here to help with advice for living rooms of all shapes and sizes.


  • How to decorate with colorful accent pillows

    How to Decorate with Colorful Accent Pillows

    We share easy ways to use accent pillows when your home needs a touch of color.


  • creative ways to display collections

    Creative Ways to Display Collections

    Create an eye-catching display with these unique (and stylish!) ideas.


  • Decorate with bold prints and patterns

    Decorate with Bold Prints and Patterns

    Refresh your living room with a dose of print and pattern. Get tips for how to incorporate and mix patterns from our editors.


  • creative living room seating

    Creative Living Room Seating Ideas

    From ottomans to vanity stools, these clever seating options add flair and function to your space.


    Get the Look: The editors of our Coastal Living boutique take you on a tour of The Huntley Hotel. Click to view the unique and creative lobby layout for inspiration you can bring into your own home, View

  • 3 mantel decorating ideas

    3 Mantel Decorating Ideas

    Dress up the centerpiece of your living room for any season with these sophisticated themes.


  • Decorating with trays in every room

    Decorating with Trays in Every Room

    Blogger Jackie Hernandez, of Teal & Lime, shares 10 different trays you can use to help style every surface in your home.


  • patterned accent pillows under $30

    Patterned Accent Pillows Under $30

    Dress up a living room sofa or chair with these 10 budget-friendly picks!


  • 5 living room organization tips

    5 Living Room Organization Tips

    Blogger Jeffrey Phillips shares some of his favorite tips and simple solutions to keeping a living room family-friendly and clutter-free. 


  • easy updates to enliven your living space

    10 Easy Updates to Enliven Your Living Space

    Blogger Marni Elyse Katz, of StyleCarrot, gives 10 easy updates that will enliven your living spaces, from the family room to the bedroom. 


  • 5 tips for decorating with bold colors

    5 Tips for Decorating with Bold Colors

    We've got tricks, tips, and easy-to-follow rules that will help instantly brighten your home.


  • top 10 wall mirrors

    Top 10 Wall Mirrors

    Reflect your home decorating style with our editors' top picks for wall mirrors.


  • Ideas for decorating an empty fireplace

    Ideas for Decorating an Empty Fireplace

    Discover creative ways to turn an empty (or unused) hearth into a dazzling masterpiece!


  • Accessory Display Ideas

    Accessory Display Ideas

    Get our editors' best tips for arranging your favorite accents, collectibles, and prized possessions.


  • decorate with books

    5 Ways to Decorate with Books

    Learn how to display your beautiful book collection with these
    clever ideas.


  • 5 design tips for a small living room

     5 Design Tips For a Small Living Room

    Create a welcoming space (no matter the size) with these decorating tips and product picks.


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