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by Laura Trevey

Laura Trevey is the founder of Bright Bold and Beautiful where she shares creative ways to live beautifully, through DIY projects, home tours and celebrating the holidays. You can also find Laura on Etsy selling her award-winning bright and beautiful watercolor paintings and prints. Follow along with @lauratrevey on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

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  • Photo: Laura Trevey
  • The warm weather is here, and it's time to get out in the garden. One of my favorite things about summer is the arrival of beautiful hydrangea blooms. Their large puffy blossoms are enjoyable in gardens, and perfect for making easy summer centerpieces.
  • Photo: Laura Trevey
    Here are some tips and simple instructions to make an easy hydrangea centerpiece:

    • Clip hydrangea blooms and leaves from your garden. Cut them just as blooms fully develop.
    • Cut your flowers in the early morning, before the sun comes up to evaporate some of their moisture.
    • Cut each stem on a slant which will allow the stem to take in the most amount of water.
    • Soak the stems in cold water for at least an hour before making your arrangement.
    • Choose a glass container with some height. Optional: add a layer of glass marbles to the bottom of the container.
    • Pinch off any leaves from the stems that fall below the water line. Discard any leaves that are discolored or damaged. Pick five or six of the best leaves from the bunch and place them around the sides of the container.
    • Arrange the hydrangea blooms as you wish and be sure to stick them in the marbles far enough so they stay in place. Voila!

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