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by Sarah Marturano

Sarah is a lifestyle blogger, mother to four young children, wife, and registered nurse. When she isn't busy chasing her four young children, she blogs about recipes, DIY projects, parenting, and party ideas at Must Have Mom. You'll find new ideas on her blog to make your house a home, even when you are short on time! Check out her latest projects or grab a recipe!

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  • I am known in my circle of friends and family as the ultimate party planner. I've been told on several occasions that I should start my own party planning business. It isn't difficult to plan and execute an amazing party and there are a lot of great tips that can take your party to the next level. Use these tips to have your party looking "magazine ready" and have your friends and family raving about the bash.

    Pick a Theme

    Whatever the occasion for the party is, pick a theme and run with it. Once you have a theme, the ideas can begin to flow. For my last get-together with family I chose to do a backyard barbecue and went with a country picnic theme. Once I chose the theme I ran with it picking out red, white, and blue items and incorporating rustic mason jars.

    Pay Attention to Detail

    Simple things, like adding a pinwheel napkin to a place setting, can take your table from average to amazing. Check out this tutorial on how to fold a pinwheel napkin and see just how easy it is! You can use a bandana or a cloth napkin to create a stunning place setting.
  • Photo: Sarah Marturano
  •        Photo: Sarah Marturano

    H​ave Fun with the Food

    I threw a garden party for my daughter and her friends. I made these healthy caterpillar fruit kabobs for them to snack on, and they were a huge hit. Not only did they fit in perfectly with our theme, but they caught the girls' eyes and were the talk of the party! Incorporate your party theme within the food, and it will all tie together nicely.

    Don't Ignore the Tableware

    You don't have to go out and buy all new plates and glasses in order to achieve a new look. Repurpose things you already have on hand to fit with your theme. Create a kids' mason jar cup by adding a muffin liner under the ring and poking a straw through. You've created a beautiful beverage glass for kids without spending any extra money.

    Don't Overdo It

    It's so easy to want to try and tackle a million different ideas. Pull back the reins and pick your most favorite, doable ideas and run with those. You don't want to be so stressed out that you can't enjoy the party.

    What are your favorite party planning tips?

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