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  • Even though summer is in full gear, students will be heading off to college soon. In addition to having supplies for school (backpack, notebooks, computer, etc.), it's important these young adults have what they need in their dorm rooms and apartments. Here are a few tips and essentials to start college life off on the right foot.

    Closet and Bath

    Carrying items to and from a shared bath can be a pain. So it's essential college students have a tote to carry all shower and toiletry items. Look for a tote that's transparent so all items can be easily found. Towels are another bath essential. I'd recommend going with towels with colorful pattern for a couple of reasons: one, they are easier to claim; and two, they don't show small stains as much as solid color towels do.

    Fitting all of your clothing and shoes into a dorm room closet can be a challenge. Thin space-saving hangers are a must. Bins are ideal for storing clothing if a shelf exists. If not, hanging storage solutions are a great alternative for clothing, shoes, and jewelry.

    Another must for any dorm room is a hamper. Look for ones that are collapsible (to save space) and are light weight with handles (to be easily towed to the nearest laundry room).
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  • 1 bath tote // 2 bath towel // 3 hanging shelf // 4 hamper // 5 hangers

    Bed and Decor

    Fresh bedding and decor can transform drab dorm rooms by adding color, pattern, and texture to the space. Just remember to order twin bedding in extra-long! Painting or wallpapering the walls is typically a no no in most college housing; but removable wall decals are an alternative. Available in a variety of themes, students can still express themselves with wall stickers. Area rugs can also give the room with a pop of color. They also providing a homey feel and warm up cold floors.
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  • 1 wall decal calendar // 2 sheet set // 3 decorative pillow // 4 throw blanket // 5 wall decal // 6 rug

    Gadgets and Storage

    Today's tech-savvy college students will be equipped with laptops, tablets, and smart phones, which all need to be charged and stored safely. In addition to a power strip that serves as a surge protector, a small safe to keep smaller electronics secure is a smart idea. Another gadget not to skip is an alarm clock. In addition to keeping students from being tardy to class, many alarm clocks now also act as a docking station for smart phones.

    To keep desks from appearing cluttered, students may opt for clear acrylic desk accessories and storage. Acrylic is gender-neutral, goes with any color palette, and won't add visual weight to the space.

    Bins can also help to keep small dorm room looking tidy. Store books, school supplies, dry food, and more in colorful bins! A mini fridge is always a dorm favorite for storing drinks and perishable foods.
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  • Being prepared for college may seem like a lot of work, but will help reduce stressful move-ins and make transitioning from home to the dorm a little easier!
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