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by Katie Rosenfeld

Katie was born and raised in Tampa Florida, where her large family still resides. She graduated from Boston College with degrees in Philosophy and Art History. Eventually, she realized her passion for art and design, developing and growing a residential art consulting service which grew into a full service interior design business. She believes your home should be a true reflection of you, and her goal is to help her clients and readers achieve a beautiful and personal space.

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  • While I don't re-arrange my home's decor seasonally, I love to bring the seasons into my every day life to create a mood.

    It's easy to incorporate the colors and textures of the season with accents and accessories. Swapping out rugs, adding new lamps, pillows, or objects and accessories will change the scenery to fit what's happening outside. These are small but noteworthy investments -- things you can store in the off-season and bring out again and again.
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    Look at the way a few colorful pillows and some aquatic accessories make this white space scream summer while not being a budget-buster, and with minimal commitment.

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    Another quick and simple idea is to change out accessories on bookshelves for the summer months is by adding shells, nautical accessories, or decorative lanterns on shelves. And don't forget floors. Roll up those wool area rugs and put down fresh, easy seagrass, sisal, or a cotton dhurrie. This will help lighten up underfoot, and create a summery atmosphere.

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    Place bold colored lamps in shades of blue, orange, yellow -- whatever strikes you as "summery" -- on tables, nightstands or even countertops. Mount a surfboard and add a red stripy rug, and you have a fresh summer-ready interior.

  • Don't worry about matching your existing decor necessarily. Think of a seasonal color burst as an enhancement or a mood lifter. If your decor is filled with warm or earthy tones, think reds, oranges, and yellows; for cooler shades opt for blues, greens, and lavenders. But you will know instantly what colors work. Bring them in, and see how they pack a punch.
  • A pillow swap is perhaps the easiest and best way to totally transform your spaces from one season to another. Think of prints, linens, cottons, and textures rather than wools, velvets, or heavily woven materials.

    There are so many ways to bring the season inside, but think small purchases = big changes. Color, texture, theme, mood -- combine these elements into some small accessory purchases and there you have it: summer!

    - Katie
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