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by Little Crown Interiors

While working together at an Orange County design firm, the pair realized that they were design soulmates. Naomi and Gerri collaborated on several nurseries, and with each one, their friendship grew. Late in 2008, in spite of unsure economic times, they decided to open the doors of a new kind of design firm specializing in what they loved most–nurseries and children’s rooms. Their “baby,” Little Crown Interiors, arrived in October 2008 and since then the proud parents of this pioneering design firm have been learning and innovating, laughing and having fun the whole way.

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  • We asked the designers of this super-cute little girl's nursery to reveal how they made the green, pink, and blue look come together. Lucky for us, Naomi Alon and Gerri Panebianco, the co-founders of Southern California-based Little Crown Interiors, didn't stop there. Read along as they share designer tips and tricks for decorating your nursery (or any space in your home) and recreating the look of this room fit for a little princess.

    1. What were you trying to accomplish with the design of this space?

    Our celebrity client, Laila Ali, wanted a nursery that was bright and cheery, but also sophisticated to match her own personal style. She also wanted to incorporate some sentimental aspects into the space to make it feel special for her new baby girl.  
    2. What was the inspiration for the project?

    One of our biggest inspirations for this project was the crib itself. We designed the special edition "Hope" crib—benefitting breast cancer research—with Newport Cottages in a happy shade of pink. There's even a sweet sentimental message inscribed on it, which reads, "unconditionally loved and eternally blessed." 

    3. How did you choose the color palette?

    Having started with the pink crib and changing table, we needed a balance; so we worked with Laila and settled on a cheery green and a subtle blue. We wanted the space to feel alive, but understated at the same time. So we chose the pinks and greens in brighter shades, and the walls are a more muted shade of blue.

  • ​4. What element in the room did you start with?

    In addition to the crib, one of the main pieces of the design was the custom crib bedding, from which we pulled the color palette. It has a sweet damask pattern with pinks, greens, and blues. 
    5. How did you begin the design process?

    We always start our designs by having an in-depth conversation with our client. Since the nursery is such a special space in the home, we want to make sure that we truly understand their wants, needs, and design style.

    6. What is your favorite part of the project and why?

    We love the large custom monogram with the baby's initials. We had the center letter encrusted with rhinestones to add a little extra "bling." This particular item was so popular with our followers, that we now have it available for sale on our website.

  • 7. What are your tips for someone trying to recreate the look of this project?

    This project was all about color, so don't be afraid to take a design risk by choosing brightly colored furniture or fabrics. However, make sure to include at least one other color that isn't quite as bright to help balance the space. 
    8. What is your favorite designer trick?

    Make a shopping list, and keep track of everything you buy. First-time moms often have a hard time knowing what they even need to get for a nursery and how much it's going to cost. Do a little research, and give yourself plenty of time so there's less stress around the baby's due date. 
    9. Finish the sentence: Every nursery needs _______.

    Something that makes Mom feel good, whether it's a super snuggly blanket or a beautiful water decanter to set beside the glider. 
    10. What is your best piece of advice for someone who is redecorating?

    Expect the unexpected. Redecorating always comes with a few headaches and quirks, so if you go into it expecting that, it won't feel as disastrous when problems arise, and they will!

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