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  • We asked the designer of this pretty patterned foyer to reveal how it all came together. Lucky for us Kelley Price, the owner of Kelley Price Interiors in Doylestown, Pa., didn't stop there. Keep reading for her top designer secrets on how to create a functional multipurpose space.
  • 1. What were you trying to accomplish with the design of this space?

    An inviting area gives a great first impression. The entryway should draw you into the home and welcome guests.

    2. What was the inspiration for the project?

    The inspiration for this space was the beautiful floral fabric chosen for the treatment over the door. 

    3. How did you choose the color palette?

    The same fabric influenced the color selection; vibrant red, black, gold, and cream pulls you into the room.

    4. What element did you start with?

    I used the window treatment fabric to guide my other finish selections for the space. The loveseat cushions are in a beige cotton with the back wrapped in burlap. The black wood legs and arms help outline the neutral fabric for a classic look. The mahogany barn door screen adds an architectural detail and provides the perfect nod to country style for this home. 

  • 5. How did you begin the design process?

    I always pick a textile to start a project. This becomes the jumping off point for the rest of the room. Using multiple textures in the space, such as burlap, metal, and rattan gives the room a sense of being built over time with family treasures. Red accents are a go-to for me; they provide a warm energy.

    6. What is your favorite part of the room and why?

    The ceiling is my favorite part of the room. I used a simple inexpensive decal of a branch on the ceiling to complete the space. This was an older home with 8-foot ceilings, so having art on the ceilings draws your eye up and gives the illusion of a higher ceiling. I often find that the ceiling is a forgotten surface in the design of a room. It actually has a lot of potential to make a room feel bigger or smaller when used properly.
  • 7. What are your tips for someone trying to recreate the look of this project?

    Pick an impactful fabric to guide your design. Add a bold, graphic rug in no more than two color tones so that it does not compete with your chosen fabric. All other elements in the room should be solids. Play with textures to add dimension. Also, don't forget the lighting! It's important to have different light sources (mix task and accent lighting) in all corners of the room to acheive that welcoming vibe.

    8. What is your favorite designer trick?

    In order to give your room flow, split the room into quadrants in your mind. Each quadrant of the room should have every color from your room's color palette, but in different proportions. Representing your color palette in every corner gives the room balance.

    9. Finish this sentence: Every room needs _____.

    Black. White is not the only neutral. Black is just as versatile and neutral as white. Don't be afraid to use it!

    10. What is your best piece of advice for someone who is redecorating their home?

    Don't get overwhelmed. Take each room one at a time and have fun with it. Take a break when it's not fun anymore. Start by picking a textile for each room to base your color palette on and go from there. Make decisions based on your color palette and you can't go wrong.

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