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by SLC Interiors Inc.

Susanne Lichten Csongor, founder of SLC Interiors, Inc. in Hamilton, MA, has over twenty years of extensive experience in high-end residential design. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Interior Design from the University of Massachusetts and her extensive travels through Europe, Asia, and South America have provided immense inspiration that relishes in each of her unique and thoughtful designs. A masterful storyteller, Csongor’s portfolio of work includes a vast range of projects from a sprawling family compound on Nantucket, residences at The Trump Tower overlooking Central Park, and a Pied-a-Terre with sweeping views of Boston’s Public Garden.

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  • We caught up with Susanne Lichten Csonger of SLC Interiors in Hamilton, Mass. and asked her to give us the scoop on this amazing project. The spectacular views from this penthouse are just the beginning. Read on to see how she took this prime New York City space and turned it into a contemporary home perfect for entertaining family and friends.
  • 1. What were you trying to accomplish with the design of this project?

    For this client, entertaining family and friends is a big priority, so we designed a concept to facilitate that sentiment. The goal of this home was to create a functional living space, while simultaneously showcasing the client's expansive collection of art and sculpture.

    2. What was the inspiration for the project?

    The spectacular views of the apartment and impressive art collection of the client provided a great deal of inherent inspiration for the project. We were able to supplement these features with a cohesive tone, while providing unexpected foils in the contemporary furnishings and finishes.
  • 3. How did you choose the color palette?

    Bearing in mind the project's sense of sophisticated urban hospitality, we created a quiet foundation in the neutral tones of a grey palette, imbued with splashes of saturated color.
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    4. What is your favorite part of the project and why?

    Our office designed all of the custom pieces, so they all hold significance for us. Particular favorites include the bronze hand side table and coffee table in the living room, and the sectional sofa in the media room with the built-in surface to serve as an end table.

    ​5. What are your tips for someone trying to recreate the look of this project?

    Use neutral upholstered pieces, accented with saturated colors on toss pillows, include textured yet non-descript patterns on rugs, and tap into young, unrecognized artists for unique and affordable art (most cities have open studios). 

  • 6. What is your favorite designer trick?

    Unexpected combinations of accessories and accent pieces i.e.: a Chinese root occasional table mixed with a metal studded crocodile leather topped coffee table.

    7. Finish the sentence: Every room needs ____.

    Something eye catching. 

    8. What is your best piece of advice for someone who is redecorating their home?

    Define your intended style for the space (i.e. country, urban chic) and stay disciplined to the idea, but don't be afraid to throw in something unexpected.

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