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  • We gathered some great tips and advice from a few of our Inspiration Gallery Designers about sprucing up your home for the New Year! Read on for new trends, small, but high-impact changes, what piece of furniture to splurge on, and how these designers plan to update their own homes this year...
  • ​What are the biggest trends for 2014?

    "​​Bold patterns, White on white, and Scandinavian style." -Musso Design Group

    "​Bring on the color...we're seeing that when it comes to painted cabinets, white may not be the first choice. Many people have been resistant to step out and add color to their walls or built-ins, but coming out of a great recession, we're ready to live a little...with color." -Garrison Hullinger

    "Completely starting over! We are finding that more and more clients are having less interest in repurposing their existing furniture and accessories. Folks seem to be more apt to start fresh, sell or donate existing items and find new treasures for their homes." -2 Gays and a Design

  • What is the one change a homeowner should make for the biggest impact?

    "Add some life and show off your personality with some bold drapes in your bedroom or dining room. Take the drapes all the way from the ceiling, this can give your room the illusion of great height and also help make the space look bigger." -Garrison Hullinger

    "Changing the color of your walls, Keep it light and airy, white's, off-white's, ivory's." - Musso Design Group

    "Simply changing throw pillows, a piece of art, table accessories, a chandelier... Whatever your eye is drawn to first when you are in a room. Typically, these pieces have vibrant color, texture and drama. Changing these items changes the personality of the room." -2 Gays and a Design
    Are you making any décor updates for the New Year in your own home?

    "We are planning to update an existing guest room with an alternative headboard. We want it to be creative with an "out of the box" look to serve as the focal point for the room." -2 Gays and a Design

    "Not until the spring.  I prefer going all out and welcoming spring with a full spring cleaning.  Fresh paint on the walls and a couple new accent furniture pieces change it up a little." -Musso Design Group

    "We just purchased a 1948 Ranch and it's getting a complete makeover...I'm almost 75% sure I'm going to take the plunge and buy a bold colored sofa for the living room...it's going to be a statement piece, I'm thinking teal or coral." -Garrison Hullinger
  • What is one luxury that everyone should invest in?

    "A well-made sofa… A sofa typically is more expensive and harder to change out on a whim for most people."  -Musso Design Group

    "Invest in a good sofa. Sofas serve more purpose than a typical homeowner may think. The overall look of the room is important, but there is nothing more important than having a good quality sofa. Sofas need to be comfy. They need to be the kind that you or a guest can easily spend an entire Sunday on; eating, napping, reading and watching TV."  -2 Gays and a Design

    "Art. We always encourage our clients to buy original art that they love. Making your first purchase can be intimidating, but we love helping people get started with the life-long joy of collecting." -Garrison Hullinger

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