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  • Our editors collected some of the best tips and tricks from our past Designer Spotlight articles. See what our designers have to say about color, repurposing furniture, layering, and much more!
  • "If hiring an interior designer, make sure that you have a comfortable relationship with the person and they are an incredible listener." —Beckwith Interiors

    "Navy and white is such a fresh and crisp way to accent the ocean without the typical lighter blue feel that's normally associated with a coastal look." —Style on a Shoestring

    "Don't ever feel like you have to start all over when redecorating. Use what you have as best as you can to save money. Think of ways to revive these items. Remember, decorating is supposed to be fun and rejuvenating, not stressful." —2 Gays and
    ​a Design

    "Use an open console table with x-benches stored beneath it in a living space. Every house has a place for a vignette like this, and it can be incredibly useful to have two extra seats on hand when there are extra guests." —Clean Design

  • "Pay particular attention to the scale of the furniture you select and don't neglect the windows in your home.  Framing a window with the right treatment makes a room come to life." —Joseph Louis Design

    "Buy only what you love, don't buy too much of any one thing, and leave some blank space in your plan and on your walls." —Joseph A. Berkowitz Interiors
  • "Color, color, color. It is important not to overwhelm a room with too much though, so it's a delicate balance. Throw pillows, blankets, ottomans, window treatments, and shelf linings are a great ways to introduce color without overwhelming the space. It's also a lot of fun to mix and match patterns; stripes and dots can be a great combo when placed subtly." —DKOR Interiors

    "Our favorite designer trick is to layer. Incorporate modern and rustic, vintage and new, inexpensive, as well as investment pieces. We strive to make everything feel cohesive and acquired over time. By layering lighting, furniture, and accessories, it creates a one of a kind look that fits your personality." —North Fork Design Co.

    "I love to nestle collectibles and accessories on a tray. It keeps the room looking organized and reminds everyone where things belong." —​Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

  • "Get some design advice. If you can't afford to hire a designer to help you through the whole process, at least get a few hours of consultation and a scaled furniture plan to begin with. I have been called to many homes where the client had purchased furniture that wouldn't fit in their home (even through the doors) and was non-returnable." Connie Long Interiors

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