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by Jen Jones

Jen has always had an admiration for all things crafty, storage, and home related. She now taps into that love daily as she applies it to her fun family life as a wife and mom to three growing boys. She also shares her passion with the world via her blog, IHeart Organizing. Jen loves integrating lovely storage and organizing solutions within her home’s décor, and most of the time that means hacking a piece of furniture or making her own storage to save some money and create something unique to her home.

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  • Hello, My Way Home readers! My name is Jen and I am the blogger behind IHeart Organizing. I'm a proud mama to three boys and we're currently undergoing a reno to the lower level so things are constantly busy around the abode! Until I head out to pursue my passion as a career, there is no better way to enjoy my passion for organizing, than through a blog. So be sure to stop by and hopefully you will find a little inspiration along the way!

    I have to say, spring is my favorite time of the year, as nothing seems to compare to the budding trees and new blooming flowers, the warm sun, the soothing sounds of birds chirping, kids playing, and lawnmowers starting up for the first time. Spring is happy and cheerful, and that is how I want the inside of our home to feel.

    Some people are seasonal decorators and switch things up every couple of months, however, I tend to decorate inspired the single season of spring all year round.  I love the colors of blues and greens with pops of pink and yellow mixed with earthy wood tones and textures.

    There are quite a few ways to be inspired by spring when it comes to decorating, and ways to make simple updates to your home that can be either seasonal, or last the entire year. Of course the biggest impact is to use a pretty spring color and splash it all over your walls, just like we did!
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  • By pairing the bold color with whites and neutrals and other small doses of bold color, it all works together to make our living room feel fresh year after year.
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    Although it may seem obvious, bringing some brightly colored blooms is a huge way of making a temporary spring feeling. When it comes to fresh flowers, my color of choice is typically pink, but any color will do!

  • The color on the walls, paired with pretty pillows and flowers, and you instantly have a space that feels all springy.

    Speaking of pillows... 
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  • Throw pillows are another inexpensive way to get a lot of spring bang for your buck. By keeping your sofa in a neutral tone, you give yourself a fresh canvas to bring in any colors you like. Bold or pastel, there is no limit to the cheerfulness that can happen. Bonus points for mixing and matching colors and patterns.

    Painting a piece of furniture is a thumbs up way to add in spring color on a smaller scale.  Painting cabinets however, will have your kitchen smiling for years to come!

    I also love the natural wood floors and once again, the impact that the small bits of pink throughout the counter, has on the overall feeling of the room.
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    One of the cheapest ways to bring the outdoors in is with fresh fruit!

    The fruit is not only delicious, but also acts as a happy accessory inside the home. Vases and bows filled with fresh lemons, limes, and green apples spread out around the abode not only adds a pop of natural color, but also can add a fresh scent as well!

  • If you are looking for another temporary update, you could add some temporary fabric to a chair or stool, that can later be removed, or maybe you will find you love it so much, that it sticks around for the long haul
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  • A few other ways to bring in a fresh dose of spring to the home:

    1. Swap out your bedding to something with a happy, bold pattern
    2. Add accessories such as candles holders, vases, lamps and lamp shades, rugs, throws, pillows, and clocks in bright and colorful hues
    3. Light candles that have outdoor scents like citrus, melons, lavender, lilac, and even fresh cut grass
    4. There are a lot of beautiful wood tones visible outdoors during spring and they work when paired with bright colors and patterns. You can bring those natural elements inside by adding a woven tray to your ottoman, DIYing a chunky wooden mantel or purchasing a rustic side table

    What is your favorite season to decorate around? What other ways do you integrate the fabulousness of spring, within your own spaces?

    - Jen
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