Special Nonexistent Furniture

by Kelly Beall

Kelly Beall began the blog Design Crush in 2007 as a love letter to the design community, and she hasn't looked back since! Her work has been featured on Huffington Post, Herman Miller, and Etsy, among others, and she has had the honor of working with such brands as Electrolux, Traditional Home, and Nissan. Kelly also works as a graphic designer and creative consultant when she's not chasing her two dogs and two cats around her Oklahoma City home.

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  • Metallics are definitely having a moment in the home right now, and brass is at the top of my list of favorites. It has the ability to bring a touch of luxe to your space without feeling pretentious, and with the wide variety of hues and finishes, you're sure to find the right one for you. Brasses feel solid and earthy, fitting in with their surroundings much better than other metals, in my opinion. They can be incorporated into the most minimal or the most decorative of homes effortlessly. Here are some ways to bring the look to your home:
    • Add a brass lamp that can be moved to different places around the house when you tire of it in one room.
    • Brass cabinet fixtures in an engaging shape add a touch of interest in an unlikely place.
    • Choose something functional—like a few small brass bowls—that can house jewelry or bedside baubles.
    • Warm weather is just around the corner, think about brass outdoor accessories and lighting that pop.
    • Go artsy with a piece that commands attention in any room, like a sculptural end table, mirror, or pendant.
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    Photo: Kelly Beall
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