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by Jessica Bruno

Jessica is the voice behind the popular blog, Four Generations One Roof. They are a crew of four generations all living together under one roof; and Jessica happens to be the ring leader of their blog where she shares their insane living arrangement, daily family chaos, DIY home renovations, project tutorials, room makeovers, and whatever else goes on in their Massachusetts home.

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  • Photo: Four Generations One Roof
  • I was thrilled when Wayfair asked if I would like to share our flocked Christmas tree with all of you. This beauty is from right here at Wayfair.com and today I'm sharing how we created a natural rustic woodland theme tree.

    Christmas is quickly approaching and the thought of decorating a Christmas tree can sometimes feel overwhelming. Today I am going to show you how we decorated our tree quickly with a fairly simple method that makes life a little easier.

    Pictured above on the left is the tree right out of the box. This particular tree is a pre-lit 7 foot 6 inch faux flocked Sierra by Vickerman.
  • Photo: Four Generations One Roof
  • I knew I wanted a rustic theme with woodland creatures, so I gathered my gold and clear ornaments from last year, as well as white owls. I started by adding the natural rattan garland. I always place my garland first, and I tuck it inside the tree to add a bit of dimension.

    Then I placed round glittered decorative balls inside the tree. These are not ornaments—they are decorative glittered spheres that are fairly inexpensive. These balls help fill in any gaps inside the tree. You can use large ornaments as well, just be sure to tuck them inside. I hung my smaller ornaments on the outside of the tree as well as the white owls. This faux flocked tree is absolutely gorgeous, and it's amazing that it comes from a box! It's a beauty for sure.

  • Photo: Four Generations One Roof
  • Decorating this tree was loads of fun and it adds the perfect Christmas touch to our family room. Mixing varying shades of browns, gold, and white paired with a gorgeous white flocked tree is certain to give you a warm, cozy, and luxurious Christmas space. I hope you enjoyed our Christmas tree and family room. You can see more of this space on our blog's Christmas Home Tour page.
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