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by Jenna LaFevor

Jenna LaFevor blogs about DIY projects, home décor, frugal finds, and other decorating dilemmas over at Rain on a Tin Roof. She has a teaching degree that now collects dust and will probably be morphed into a DIY project before it's all said and done. When she isn’t trying to keep her kid from climbing out of the circus ring or making sure her husband’s shirts are taken to the dry cleaners so she gets out of ironing, she can most likely be found with a paintbrush in one hand and a Cherry Coke in the other.

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  • Last year, I did a small makeover on my screened-in porch. It didn't look bad. This year though, as I stood and looked at it, I realized something. It needed more color.

    Outdoor spaces should be fun and inviting. The easiest way to do that is to add color!

    Here are my picks for a modern, yet colorful outdoor space.
    •  dCOR design Golden Beach Sectional and ChairI know what you are thinking—these pieces have no color. It's important to keep your large furniture pieces neutral. This way, you can change out your accents as often as you'd like without breaking the bank or make any huge changes. This sectional and chair is a great anchor for your outdoor space.

    • dCOR design Copacabana Table. This coffee table is large enough to hold everyone's drinks and colorful decorative accessories as well. Also, it won't go out of style quickly.

    • Griffith Metal Side Table in Caribbean Blue Here is where we can start adding some color. At only $34, these tables are a great buy and would work perfect beside your chairs. You can also opt for red, white, or green.

    • Colonial Mills Portico Chile Rug. Pink isn't just for baby girls anymore! This two toned pink and white striped rug is perfect for creating a fun outdoor space.

    • Summer Breeze Corded Throw Pillows. If these don't scream summer, then I don't know what does! Not only are they a great deal at $44 for two, but look at all those colors! With these, you have lots of options for accent colors.

    • Metal Lattice Lantern Set. These would be perfect fsitting on top of a coffee table for a little extra lighting. The turquoise color is a great contrast to the pink in the rug and works with the blue color in the pillows.
    • Colorful Glass Lanterns. These smaller scale lanterns are perfect for side tables and bring even more color to the space.

    How will you be adding color to your outdoor spaces this summer?
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