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  • As we approach wedding season, many couples are searching for a way to put on a wedding that's equal parts affordable, unique, and beautiful. As the perfect fit to all those expectations, backyard weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Backyard weddings are an especially great choice for lovers of crafting and DIY projects; you can fully personalize many more aspects of your wedding décor and save bundles!
    Every great backyard wedding needs the right ambiance. Whether you prefer a fun, dreamy, or elegant setting for your backyard—you can make these DIY elements work for you, to create the wedding of your dreams.
  • Flowers

    What décor item is more ideal for a wedding than flowers? While bouquets are always a classic choice, why not create romantic-looking floral wreaths to take your backyard setting to the "photoshoot ready" level.

    You can craft these well in advance using silk flowers, and save money by shopping the clearance bins during the months preceding your ceremony. We also love the look of strung flowers! It's easy to do with silk flowers and a strong sewing needle! You can also create paper flowers for extra floral flair.

    Ribbons and Curtains

    Light, airy, lovely—just like your wedding! Ribbons are easy to buy in bulk and can instantly transform your backyard into a colorful and festive party. Curtains are perfect when you need to cover large spaces or create a backdrop. Ribbons and curtain cloths can be hung vertically, tied around trees and chairs like sashes, or even just draped.
  • String Lights

    String lights are incredibly versatile, and can lend themselves to many different styles. You can create a dreamy setting by wrapping your trees or outdoor structures in string lights, or create string light archways that require only flexible plastic poles and string lights. Why not go with the classic look and hang your string lights from the trees to create a twinkling roof. Using string lights to create "firefly mason jars"—a wonderfully vintage and chic addition to any wedding.
  • Outdoor Rugs

    Once you've set the scene for the ceremony in your backyard, dress up your reception area with charming outdoor rugs. Patterned rugs are ideal for defining spaces and adding an extra element of style. Bonus: There are more than enough rugs to fit every taste. Patterned outdoor rugs are a great finishing touch to photo booth stations, and off-to-the-side table and chairs as well. It's a good idea to provide your guests a quiet place to catch up, or take a breather from the dance floor!

    For even more backyard wedding decor tips and inspiration, check out the comprehensive DIY Backyard Wedding Guide on the Hometalk Blog.
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