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by Kate Smith

A childhood love of color turned into a college-age fascination with the interaction of colors, then into a career of color trend forecasting and product development. Today, Kate Smith, CMG, CfYH, is president and chief color maven at Sensational Color, a company that provides color knowledge and know-how to corporations primarily in the home industry. Kate is an inspirational keynote speaker and seminar leader, blending color theory and psychology into entertaining and informative talks that bring color to life.

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  • decorating a boy room
    Photo: Kate Smith
  • Decorating a young boy's space can be both fun and challenging. Whether you have a future baseball player, superhero, or astronomer--the scheme of your little one's space should reflect his personality. It's easy to go directly to blue as your main hue, but there are many ways to punch up traditional blue and still maintain a boyish style.
  • Blues that Blend and Pop

    When choosing color, be sure that it reflects both the mood of the room and of the little one in it. Try to choose accents that blend well, but also inspire great imagination or offer relaxation at the end of a great day of play.

    Gray, tan, and white partner well together to give a soothing feel to the space (see above left). In a room with light blue walls (see above right), pops of green, brown, and yellow nod a the jungle theme.

    Red, yellow, and orange accents not only brighten and liven up the room; they also have the power to stimulate your little guy's mind and spark creative thought!
  • Timeless Blue Perfect for You

    If your boy is a classic little guy, represent that personality with crisp pale blues and simple white furniture and accents. This no-fail combination is soothing and comforting. It also provides a classic backdrop to let your son's personality shine through in displays of his favorite artwork, books, and collections.
  • boys room
    Photos: HGTV
  • Dressing Up a Blue Wall

    Plain blue walls can feel stale after a while. Liven things up with peel-and-stick wall decals. These temporary decals are a fun and easy way to dress up a room that's got the blues. Whether your little man is dreaming of pirates or hoping to rock out, wall stickers are a mess-free way to let him grow and change his interests. You'll love them because they peel off without any damage to the wall or furniture!

    Choosing color for your boy's room is more enjoyable when you involve him in the process. He may have ideas of his own that you can incorporate into the space. Let him be the one to pick out a special accessory or wall decal; so, you can focus on the bigger picture. Blue is always classic and when you punch it up with color that reflects the child--the space is always a winner!
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