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by Jeanie Hevener

Jeanie Hevener is a recent empty nester who blogs at Create & Babble, where she shares her DIY projects, decorating ideas, and crafting. After the youngest of her three children got married and left the nest, Jeanie's motto became: make pretty things and make things pretty...and ride your bike!

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  • Photo: Jeanie Hevener
  • I love my condo. I really do. I bought it because it's an end unit, so I have more windows and it feels more like a home than an apartment. However, the downside is that my back deck is like a fish bowl. It's open on all three sides and offers absolutely no privacy. I mean the neighbors can see what's cooking on the grill! Since my HOA is very restrictive about fences or any kind of structures, I had to come up with a way to give my deck a little privacy organically.

    The area surrounding the deck didn't look like this a week ago. It was over grown with weeds and plants that had gotten out of control. We pulled everything out and started over. Once these new plants get going, they will fill in nicely and help to add additional "screening" to the deck. ​I've always said I'm not much of a gardener but I have learned over the years what flowers will survive under the care of my black thumb!
  • Photo: Jeanie Hevener
  • Every spring I fill these deck railing planters with annuals that thrive in full sun: zinnia and petunias. I also make sure to add plants that will grow tall as well as some that will trail over the edges of the planters. By mid-summer they'll be full and lush—adding at least two more feet of "screening" for privacy. These planters also help my little deck feel more like a garden.
  • Photo: Jeanie Hevener
  • I recently made a fabric patriotic banner that fits perfectly on the deck railing on the right side.

    Sitting on the deck surrounded by the all the colors and greenery is so calming and relaxing after a day at work.

    How have you created your own little backyard oasis? I'd love to hear!
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